3 new projects added

Future Magazine - website by EEDSGNFuture Magazine Logo - designed by EEDSGNRay D. O'Reynolds - website by EEDSGNMusic Designed - coding & PSD to HTML by EEDSGN


It’s been a while since my last update… but I’m very excited to present to you the latest 3 projects completed.


All three were made using WordPress as CMS. No templates as usual, just the trusty Murtaugh CSS reset template to be sure you start with a clean slate cross browser. With mobile growing in importance for websites, all three were optimised for mobile and tablet using CSS3 media queries. All video resizing done thanks to the great Fitvids by CSS guru Chris Coyier and Paravel.


Future Magazine is a blog in online magazine style. The brief for this project was to make something visually attractive but easy and intuitive in it’s navigation. With the succes of Pinterest it’s clear photo’s are an important part of our online experience nowadays, so a picture grid overview was chosen for the front page and category pages. A very interesting part of this project was the logo design; a design which gives the brand a vintage yet up to date look was chosen. An extra touch was added by using CSS3 animation to make the logo flip on hover.


RCA masters graduate Paul Reynolds was looking to create a website to showcase his latest project, Ray D. O’Reynolds. The site needed to have the capabilities of a CMS but he didn’t want it to look like a blog. Another great site to use WordPress. In this example posts are used to add new projects within both of the websites sections: FM and Shows. All meta and comment parts are taken out, giving it full flexibility, easy to update, without having a blog look.


Sometimes you have a great idea graphically but find coding just causes you a headache? This was the situation for composer Will Shirley. The interface design of Music Designed was done by him and EEDSGN made it into a full functioning website using CSS3/HTML5 and the WordPress CMS. A classic PSD to HTML project. Although this is more a portfolio website for his work, a CMS allows Will to have full control over the content and look of the website and change it at any time.


Another 3 inspiring projects completed with very satisfied clients. On to the next!